Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn - S2E21

November 29, 2016

Chris talks with Jason Weber, National Director of CAFO's (Christian Alliance For Orphans) Foster Care Initiative, about Jason's new book, Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn. Based on a true story, it's a children's book with lots of parallels to foster care and the church's involvement in helping kids in foster care.

You can purchase your copy of Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn: A story about 344 people working together to solve a big, big, big problem on AMAZON.

Be sure to check out all of the resources available at MoveTheBarn.Org 


Trauma Is Developmental, and Our Responses to Trauma Need to Be Developmental - S2E20

November 14, 2016

During Tapestry Conference 2016, Chris was able to chat with Kayla North and Mandy Howard on how trauma is developmental. An Assistant Professor of Psychology at Samford University, Dr. Howard talked about how as a child develops and ages, how they process and express past trauma will change, too. How do we handle the trauma when our child is fifteen versus when they were five? How do we recognize the need behind our child's behavior?


How the Church Can Work with the State to Help Kids in Care - S2E19

November 1, 2016

During Tapestry Conference 2016, Chris sat down with Bruce Kendrick, founder of Embrace Texas, to discuss Embrace's role in partnering with local churches to meet the needs of foster children. They discuss our nation's collective mindset about adoption and foster care, and the need for the Church to partner with state child welfare agencies and local case workers to ensure the best care for children in the foster care system.

More information about the mission of Embrace Texas, and how they can help your church, can be found at